Welcome to the Parque de Malaga

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Welcome to my Blog about a city centre park in Malaga, Andalucía, southern Spain 

It is for Costa del Sol tourists, city break people, cruiseship visitors, independent travellers, historians,  horticulturalists and local residents alike.

For anyone who is familiar with this park, anyone who has stumbled across it on their travels, and for anyone who is planning a visit to Malaga or who just wants to discover more about its fascinating history, its plants, and its place in Malaga life.

The area has a wealth of important botanical plantings, bizarrely located in a busy urban environment. In 2011 I received a Royal Horticultural Society Coke Trust Bursary to part fund a study trip into the History, Design, Planting and Redevelopment of the area. I produced a brief written report for the RHS, but  felt frustrated at the lack of public information available for tourists and horticulturalists about a park with such a distinguished history and an exciting future.

So I decided to share as much as I can – photos, news, maps,  historical anecdotes, plant lists, and botanical plant profiles – through this site, and also through a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/parquemalaga.

This is very much a personal and unofficial blog, and a work in progress. It’s certainly not a detailed botanical website, but rather it will enable me to chronicle and present all the information I’ve gathered, and gradually help me learn more myself about the park and its plants.

I also want to  help spread the word  about what I believe to be an underrated  attraction in a city which is fast becoming one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations.

All of the photos on this blog are my own, except for the historical photos where stated. I’ve also added several youtube videos to the site to give the visitor a much better impression of the area. Here’s the first, from the excellent travel website http://www.viajamalaga.com. For everything else, just click on the links in the menu  !

I hope it’s of interest and I welcome your comments.

View towards the pond area, bordered with mature Taxodium mucronatum trees, and a large specimen of Alocasia odora in the foreground.

malaga10 1093

Light playing on foliage

Light playing on foliage

Statues are dotted around the Parque amidst dense planting.

Statues are dotted around the Parque amidst dense planting.


The history of the Parque is a fascinating topic,dating back to the early C20th

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A view across the park; lush green groundcover and palms.

A view across the park; lush green groundcover and palms.

Entrance to pond area flanked by statues, and several specimens ofTaxodium mucronatum.

Entrance to pond area flanked by statues, and several specimens of Taxodium mucronatum.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Parque de Malaga

    1. Thankyou for your comment, tapasinmalaga ! I have included a link to your site in the “books, websites and tourism in malaga” section on here; I hope it generates some interest. I’m happy to post links for local businessess who want to generate interest and who share the enthusiasm for promoting the city – it’s a place I love. Anyway I have just started this site and I will be regularly adding bits to it and publicising it when I get the chance, so it is a constant work in progress. I have a visit to Malaga planned for early May 2013, so I might be in touch – I’ll at least try and say “hello”. Good luck with your enterprise !
      Best wishes,

      1. Thank you Simon – Málaga is a very special place and I am lucky to have lived here for 20+ years. I love your blog and the park in particular. It is a joy! Be great to mmet you in May!!

        Michael (and Laura)

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