Washingtonia spp.

Washingtonias are impressive, tall, majestic, and at the same time…Rather scruffy looking! There are two species of this palm, and many examples of each can be found, dotted around the Parque.

winterspain 272

1.Washingtonia filifera


“Petticoat Palm.”  South west USA, California and Arizona. 

A palm characterised by a shaggy “petticoat” of threads and hanging segments of  leaves which can remain for many years. Grey green, and fan shaped, on stalks up to 2m long. The palm itself can grow up to 25m and with a trunk 1m in diameter. Produces cream coloured flowers and a small fruit.


2.Washingtonia robusta


“Mexican Fan Palm.” Northwest Mexico.

Bright green leaves (in contrast to above). The long threads on this species disappear when the tree is older.


Although there are many single specimens easily viewed around the area and throughout the city centre,  there are 3 main clumps of W.filifera, at the western entrance to the Parque,  then next to theatre area (first photo), and finally in the inner section of the Parque behind the Glorieta Romana monument, where one can also find examples of W.robusta. However, as stated above, it is difficult to distinguish between the two – apparently even more so as young specimens.

spain2013volume2 020

The impressive group above can be viewed outside the “Aduana” or Customs House, just next to the inner section of the Parque.


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