Photo Gallery

In addition to all of the plant profiles and other sections of this blog, I thought it would be worthwhile adding a selection of general views from the many photos taken whilst wandering around the pathways and patios. The first few images in this section were taken in January 2015 from the rooftop of the AC Marriott hotel in the city centre. The 15th floor restaurant is open to the public at limited times and it affords fantastic views of the Parque and the city below. Well worth a visit ! More images on the Facebook page for this site.

malagadecember29 050

malagadecember29 040

malagadecember29 032

malagathird 045

spain2013volume2 065



malaga10 1094

A shady walkway…the irrigation system in action !

malagathird 064


Acanthus mollis (right) and Alpinia zerumbet (left) border a path


malagathird 078

Mertya denhamii, Jacaranda and Washingtonia against the clear blue Malaga sky.

malagathird 087







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