Araucaria spp.

There are 3 towering species of Araucaria to be found at different locations in the park and I thought it convenient to group them on this one page. The three are A.bidwillii,  A.columnaris  and A.heterophylla, syn. excelsa. 

Araucaria bidwillii

Located next to the Theatre area.


spain2013volume2 062


Araucaria columnaris.  Photo & details to follow….


Araucaria heterophylla syn. excelsa.


“Norfolk Island Pine”. Norfolk Islands, East of Australia.

A slow growing conifer of between 30 to 60m mature height, characterised by its horizontal branches.Its green leaves are needle like and imbricated. The trees are dioecious (male and female forms) and the females can produce spherical cones of up to 10cm length. A half hardy specimen susceptible to frost, it is only grown in at least temperate regions, and is often seen as a shade tolerant, pot grown house plant.


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