Platanus x hispanica

winterspain 286

Platanus x hispanica

(Platanaceae) “London Plane”

A double row of Plane trees form an impressive avenue running the length of the Paseo de los Curas between the Parque and the newly developed harbourside. Another avenue used to border the length of the Paseo del Parque too, and one can view historical black and white photos of the area in it’s glorious heyday with Malaga residents taking a pleasant stroll in the shade,  but the story of the Parque is that sadly these trees were apparently destroyed by poor pruning in the 1980’s.

The large green leaves turn a deep rustic brown colour in the winter, providing a wonderful contrast against the evergreen foliage of the Parque in the background and the white modern architecture of Muelle Uno to the fore. The leaves are reluctant to fall but when they are eventually dislodged by the winter weather they provide a constant task for Malaga’s efficient army of street sweepers !

Plant profile and more photos to follow..


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